Lease Information              5022 21st Avenue NE, Seattle 98105      


1)  Monthly rent is $4650.


2)  Security deposit is $4000.  The Deposit and First month’s rent ($8650) must be paid in full at the time you sign the lease.


3)  Utilities --- This is a 1916 House that was grand-fathered as a duplex in the 1970’s with only one set of utility meters.  Owner pays water, sewer, and trash.  Tenants pay gas and electric for the entire house. You must open accounts with Puget Sound Energy and Seattle City Light.  The fireplace does not work. There quarter slots on the washing machine.


4)         - Complete applications,

            - Copy of Drivers License,

            - $20 application fee    (required of all applicants over the age of 18).

            -  Students, please provide a copy of College transcripts.

            -  Students moving out of UW dorms, please provide a copy of the Housing and Food Services "Statement of Account."


5)  References, including a credit report, will be checked and verified. 


6)  Criteria for application approval include:

            - sufficient income

            - favorable rental history

            - favorable credit history

            - NO Bankruptcies


7)  Smoking, vaping, e-cigs, candles, and incense are strictly prohibited anywhere on the property, inside or outside.  Penalty is loss of deposits, or eviction, or both.


8)  When applications are approved, applicants may accept the offer of tenancy by signing a rental agreement, and paying rents and deposits then due.  Be advised that application approval does not mean that you get the home.  At the time you are approved, you may be the only approved individual/family/group, or you may be one of several.  The home goes to the first approved individual/family/group that forwards the deposits & rents and signs a rental agreement.  You are advised not to give your current landlord notice until you have a rental agreement in hand.


Thank you for your interest in our home.  We hope you will enjoy living here.



Brian & Deb Wingert    425-770-7713         e-mail: